What Is Ketamine?

Anaesthetic, antidepressant and party drug? A synthetic compound called ketamine is all of those, and now it emerges it can also help reduce alcoholism. Ketamine, used by medical practitioners as an anaesthetic as well as antidepressant, is also used illegally as a recreational drug. Now it has been found that just one shot of ketamine could reduce alcohol intake among heavy drinkers for atleast 9 months. University College London report in a study published in Nature Communications. Ketamine is known to target and block the receptor in the brain called NMDA, which prevents the brain from re-stabilising a memory. The experiment involved 90 individuals with “harmful drinking behaviour”, who were given intravenous ketamine shots after their drinking-related memories were “re-activated” by showing them photographs of beer and some non-alcoholic beverages while rating their anticipated pleasure. The researchers claim that the method was successful in reducing the amount of alcohol the participants consumed over a period of time.    

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