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The Politics Of Sequestration

The Shiv Sena’s decision to sequester a majority of its newly elected MLAs along with eight independent supporters in a hotel in Madh Island in northern Mumbai

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Betrayal Of The Mandate

The political drama in Maharashtra that continued unabated since the Assembly election results on October 24 has been brought to an end, albeit temporarily, by the imposition

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Falling Prey To Pneumonia, Diarrhoea

The 10th pneumonia and diarrhoea progress report card has found that health systems are falling short of ensuring the world’s most vulnerable children access to prevention and

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What Is Pliosaur?

Over 150 million years ago, enormous reptiles swam the Jurassic oceans. The largest aquatic carnivorous reptiles that have ever lived, they are often dubbed “sea monsters”. Scientifically,

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How Global Credit Ratings Work

More than a decade and a half ago, a senior government official wrote an article in a newspaper headlined ‘Moody’s or Moody’ — or words to that

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